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“I love sharing the story of Gratitude Bowls here in Nevada County with friends and family from out of town. Everyone I know wants to help people who are hungry, but rarely feel they can do it effectively. This way feels ‘miraculous’ to me; like buying your friend a meal instead of a handout.” Lisa Rowe, Nevada City, CA

“I’m seeing the program as a miraculous addition to San Juan Ridge folks at The Ridge Cafe. I see plenty of locals eating better. ONE GOOD MEAL makes a difference, a noticeable difference. Having a culture of kindness in which asking for that BASIC HUMAN NEED, to be fed, can be met with dignity is PRICELESS. I like that it’s a bowl of food and compassion, that it’s a bowl of nourishment to the body and the ego. I like generously donating because the benefits are vast, worthy and obvious.” Manda Miel, North San Juan, CA


Be part of the team feeding our family!

Donate what you have in abundance.

gratitude bowls tshirt frontDonations of $240 or more per month will receive a Gratitude Bowls T-shirt as a thank you. The T-shirt is available in many sizes and colors, we will make sure you get a shirt you love to wear.

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