Can we feed locals and travelers? 3

Gratitude bowls stick people who eatsA healthy meal given to a hungry person is a basic human kindness.  Gratitude Bowls is a project that allows people to donate to restaurants who will in turn offer nourishing meals to people who can’t afford it.

We’ve been serving Gratitude Bowls meals for over 6 months in Nevada City and North San Juan and it’s a good time to look at what we’ve accomplished.  We’ve served well over 1,000 meals now.  The biggest obstacle we’ve run into is more hungry people than funds available.   Today, we make meals available to anyone who asks.  Due to insufficient funds, there are some days when travelers eat while our local residents don’t get a meal. 

Some people have suggested we give our local homeless folks cards they can use to get Gratitude Bowls meals and not make the meals available to travelers.  What do you think?  Does Nevada County have enough resources to feed everyone, or should we decide who is the most important to feed and create a system to feed our locals?

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3 thoughts on “Can we feed locals and travelers?

  • Ryvre Mohiam Shuvani

    Of course they should be for everyone. A hungry person shouldn’t be turned away because they are not local. We are all human and restricting compassion based on where someone lives or is from, is ridiculous.

  • JoeOmni

    Hi Stormy May,

    First, thanks for organizing this beautiful and intriguing Gratitude Bowls experiment! Up close and personal up here at Ridge Cafe in NFSJ it’s been a heartwarming and essential movement toward local sustainability vs stateist welfare. Of course we’d all love to feed everyone who is in need, but after some consideration I’m convinced that the locals need to eat before the travelers (as a general ‘rule’).

    Could there be a ‘locals reserve’ of say 10-20 bowls? With one single donation jar, which stocked the locals reserve before extending to travelers. Perhaps use a list to keep track of who’s who and what not. Especially children+mothers, elders, community volunteers and of course pregnant anyone! I know that’s too much to run via a list or card system, but perhaps the reserves could crucially be available to local folks and travelers who fit the ‘women and children first’ priority, but the locals need to eat first for lots of mutually economical reasons.. Plus, If locals can’t get gratitude bowls because travelers drained the pot it will only widen the gulf between locals and travelers, much like usa citizens sometimes harbor bad feelings toward illegal immigrants for ‘taking jobs’ and ‘draining the system’. How many locals would be paying for their food if only the travelers hadn’t ‘taken’ the work? hmmmm…

    This is a deep issue and I’m looking forward to discussing it with my beloved Christina, at great length to be sure! Gratitude Bowls is such an amazing blessing for so many (over a thousand served in the first half year at what 3? locations – Thanks Everyone!!) I haven’t had a gratitude bowl, probably because business has been good for me, but I love seeing my venerable brothers and sisters use it as a conscious Karma community shared ‘savings account’ for making sure we all eat food. I’ve seen a few others who ‘abuse’ the generosity and it saddens me, but all in all it’s one of the most real food sharing systems I’ve ever seen.

    Kind Regards 🙂

    ps- thanks for allowing links in comments, hope it’s ok to here link to my relative writings