Today as I drove into Nevada City, I saw a man sitting on the corner with a sign asking for food. My heart breaks every time I see someone like that so a year and a half ago I started a program called Gratitude Bowls. Gratitude Bowls is a way […]

Gratitude Overflowing

A healthy meal given to a hungry person is a basic human kindness.  Gratitude Bowls is a project that allows people to donate to restaurants who will in turn offer nourishing meals to people who can’t afford it. We’ve been serving Gratitude Bowls meals for over 6 months in Nevada […]

Can we feed locals and travelers?

  Tonight at Café Mekka in Nevada City, CA we’re planning to come together and send some love to our Gratitude Bowls program during the open mic event from 7:30 to 10pm.  Come on down and listen to the gratitude flow or add a flow of your own!  I’d love […]

Gratitude Flow at Café Mekka

Now that we’ve served over 1,000 Gratitude Bowls we’ve gotten a chance to see what it feels like to give and receive in this way.  The restaurant owners and staff have proven themselves the biggest stars of this project.  They are the ones who get to share directly with the […]

Share your experiences

How is the Gratitude Bowls program going?  In today’s update we have a birthday idea, a report of some tasty Gratitude Bowls meals being served at Java John’s, and the hours that our meals are being served but first here are some stories from Christina Reese, co-owner of the Ridge […]

Gratitude Bowls update 4-19-2014