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Gratitude Bowls at Ridge CafeHow is the Gratitude Bowls program going? 

In today’s update we have a birthday idea, a report of some tasty Gratitude Bowls meals being served at Java John’s, and the hours that our meals are being served but first here are some stories from Christina Reese, co-owner of the Ridge Café in North San Juan, California.  The first post is from March 21st, 2014 the day we started serving Gratitude Bowls.


Hi Stormy, I wanted to give you an update on how the day went with the bowls… We gave 3 burritos out & $42.90 was donated, adding 7 bowls to the tally. I thought it was interesting that at least two of the three bowls recipients gave back in some way- one person donated $5, one person bought a large breakfast for herself, wanting to support the business, & saved the gratitude bowl for dinner. She’s an elder who talked about often being worried if she would have enough food. Wow, this is an awesome experience already, just one day in. I’m excited to see it blossom! LOVE


Stormy, gratitude bowls were successful again today! We gave just one today and 6 and a half bowls were donated today! What I appreciated about today’s bowl is that we got to serve a local in the community who I often see around, but never in the cafe, probably because of limited finances. So we got to serve a neighbor for the first time today, and he was so appreciative to be fed. He walked in and said “I heard I can get a gratitude bowl here”….

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Gratitude bowls are going well – we’ve given out about 45 of them & about 70 have been donated!

One really nice 16 or 17y.o. kid has been getting a bowl almost every day. He’s had a lot of instability in his life (shuffling from foster homes, little family support although they are around, etc) and sometimes I feel like the gratitude bowl meal is one of the more consistent things this kid has to rely on in this time of his life. I would say that most of the recipients of the bowls are repeat recipients. The neighbor who was so grateful to receive a bowl in the past came and got 4 today to take back home – to his family or neighbors, I don’t know, but am glad the news of the bowls is spreading. I like very much that we are wasting less with this program.

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Kathy Waldron, of Nevada City, California came up with a great way to celebrate her birthday and uplift our community.  She had her birthday dinner at Matteo’s Public and asked guests to donate to the Gratitude Bowls donation box instead of giving presents.  She said the dinner was delicious, the service was excellent and it felt great to give to our neighbors in this way.

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Java John’s, our newest restaurant to start serving Gratitude Bowls is down to 3 more Gratitude Bowls meals left!  Don’t let their funding run out.  Rita, owner at Java John’s has been serving up some delicious meals for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it including: breakfast burritos with eggs, green onions, cheese, spinach and potatoes, ham and cheese croissants with scrambled eggs and a small coffee, ramen bowls and various sandwiches.  We were touched when Rita agreed to start serving Gratitude Bowls meals because she knows that not everybody has family to take care of them when times are tough.  Please consider stopping in to Java John’s and thanking Rita and her family and employees for feeding our family.  All donations collected at the restaurants go directly to feeding those in our community who need a meal.

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Support Gratitude Bowls being served at the following times and locations:

    Java John’s306 Broad St. Nevada City
            Daily 10:30am – 4:30pm

    Matteo’s Public300 Commercial St. Nevada City
            Monday – Thursday 4pm – 9:30pm, Friday – Saturday 11:30am – 5pm & 10pm – 11pm
            Sunday 11:30am – 9:30pm (not available on parade days and summer nights)

    The Ridge Café29318 Hwy 49 North San Juan
            Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm, Saturday – Sunday 8am – 5pm

    Crazy Horse Saloon and Grill230 Commercial St. Nevada City
            Monday – Thursday 11:30am – 11pm, Friday 11:30am – 12am
            Saturday 9:30am – 12am, Sunday 9:30am – 11pm


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