Gratitude Flow at Café Mekka

cafe mekka

photo: Cafe Mekka


Tonight at Café Mekka in Nevada City, CA we’re planning to come together and send some love to our Gratitude Bowls program during the open mic event from 7:30 to 10pm.  Come on down and listen to the gratitude flow or add a flow of your own!  I’d love to meet you there.  -Stormy May

Cafe Mekka is at 237 Commercial St. in Nevada City, CA(530) 478-1517

Update: Thanks to all who showed up!  Due to some cosmic forces beyond our control (most likely my own misunderstanding) many of our performers were unable to make it last night, and I have confirmed now that Mekka is not holding open mic’s on Tuesday nights..doh!  I did spend a magical evening with Freedom, Olivia, Michael and many others on the boardwalk last night.  Big thanks to the police who were very kind in explaining the laws of our town and helping everyone abide by them.  Also thanks to everyone who joined in the tribe last night, called together by the drums and hearts.

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