Gratitude Overflowing

Gratitude Bowls brick good deedToday as I drove into Nevada City, I saw a man sitting on the corner with a sign asking for food. My heart breaks every time I see someone like that so a year and a half ago I started a program called Gratitude Bowls. Gratitude Bowls is a way to allow people to donate at local restaurants like Matteo’s Public, Java John’s, Crazy Horse, the Ridge Cafe and South Pine Cafe and then the restaurant will make nutritious meals available to people in need.

After I parked, I walked through Nevada City and saw that South Pine Cafe had 3 Gratitude Bowls meals available. Several minutes later I saw two homeless-looking men outside of the Cafe with big foil-wrapped burritos in hand. I asked them if they were Gratitude Bowls meals and they said yes. When I told them I had started the program, they both got big smiles on their faces as they proceeded to tell me how glad they were to have the meals. One said that sometimes he has money and sometimes he doesn’t, and being able to get this meal today even when he had no money made a big difference for him. He said he usually runs out of money by helping out others, paying it forward. The other man was equally grateful and my whole day felt uplifted by seeing the two men eating burritos.  

If you’re shy like me but want to do something kind and loving in our community, please donate at any of the participating restaurants and help them feed more people in our community. If it’s easier, you can donate online and we will give the money to the restaurants that are low on donations.

Thank you to the donors who gave money so these people could have a nutritious meal today and feel cared for. Tomorrow is another opportunity to pay it forward in our community, it makes a real difference!

Stormy May, founder of Gratitude Bowls

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