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Now that we’ve served over 1,000 Gratitude Bowls we’ve gotten a chance to see what it feels like to give and receive in this way.  The restaurant owners and staff have proven themselves the biggest stars of this project.  They are the ones who get to share directly with the people who need the love, dignity and care served with each meal.  However, we do have a problem…

gratitude bowls 1000 servedThe biggest problem so far has been that in-restaurant donations have not been enough to ensure Gratitude Bowls meals are available every day to every hungry person. All of our original restaurants are happy to continue serving Gratitude Bowls and are simply asking for a way to enable them to continue feeding everyone who is hungry.

To help spread the word and generate more funds we are making a video about how Gratitude Bowls has impacted people in our community.  If you have been touched by Gratitude Bowls, I’d like to hear from you.  We’ll be filming interviews at the farmer’s market in Nevada City this Saturday morning (August 23rd) or I can arrange other meeting times and places if you’d like to speak out on behalf of Gratitude Bowls in our community. 

By sharing our experiences, we have the potential to spread the idea more widely, to turn more dollars into meals and uplift more individuals and communities.  Don’t hesitate to call or text me (530) 575-5542 or email to share your story or let me know to look for you at the farmer’s market.

Everyone reading this has the potential to spread this idea with a few clicks; clicks to share this post and clicks to donate result in more meals and awareness of this way we are caring for our family today.  We’ve fed 1,000, now let’s feed 10,000.  If everyone does what they can, we will create a community and a world where nobody goes hungry.

Thanks for bringing us this far!
Stormy May, project coordinator

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